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Season 7 | Episode 41

The Design Of a Survivor and Abuse Advocate: Meet Ashley Easter

1 minutes


Design Of Logo Ashley Easter grew up and lived in a cult for 22 years. Thankfully, she was able to break free and decided to take control of her life. Join Justin Ahrens and guest co-host Katie McConville in this episode as they discuss Ashely’s experience and world-shift as she began her healing journey while also founding and creating an amazing organization Courage 365 which seeks to transform the lives of other abuse survivors through a community of understanding, inspiration, and empowerment. They cover topics of oppression, abuse, patriarchy, feminism, and more.

Photo © 2019 by Christian Feminism Today

PSA: If this episode spoke to you or if you or someone you know needs help right now go to: for a variety of resources from abuse, suicide prevention, legal and counseling services.